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Managing Your Time Corporate TrainingThe Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership.

In order to improve performance and productivity, you must become an expert in time management.
May 6, 2016 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM - $295 includes course material   signup
Hampton Inn & Suites Houston-Cypress Station
150 Wagon Point Dr, Houston, TX 77090

The Goal
 To understand the psychology of time management. To establish clear, written goals organised in order of importance.  To determine the actions that you will have to take to achieve these goals and organise those actions in terms of priorities. To overcome procrastination, learn how to delegate and balance work and family.
The Benefits
 • More energy, Focus and Enthusiasm
• Superior Performance
• Strategic Goal Setting
• Maximising Productivity
• Eliminating Time Wasters
• Staying on the Fast Track
The Process
 The Process for Time Management This fast-moving, 1 or 2 day total immersion program gives each person a series of practical action tools that can be applied immediately to get better results. The program will help develop goals and a standard frame of reference for better communications and immediate performance improvement.
The Training
 A fully-flexible, multi-media assisted training program, complete with workbooks, exercises and audio CD reinforcement.  Designed to be easily facilitated by in-house personnel or outside professionals.

The Program

The Psychology of Time Management

Strategic Goal Setting

  How to Set Priorities

Planning and Organizing

Effective Project Management

Eliminating Time Wasters

Overcoming Procrastination

Staying on the Fast Track

Delegating and Communicating

Balancing Work and Family

Philosophy of Time Management

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Managing Your Time Workshop
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