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"In our coaching session with Carlos we have defined our leadership roles and understand how to work together more effectively.  He has also helped us clarify our values, vision  and goals and develop a comprehensive plan of action to reach them.   We are focused on where we want to go and are confident we will get there. Carlos is a pleasure to work with"

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Business Coaching

The international coaching industry is seeing explosive growth. Coaching is now one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Within the coaching industry, there are various forms of coaching styles, such as personal, spiritual, athletic and business coaching. FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston is part of the business performance coaching segment. FocalPoint’s mission is to boost the performance of organizations by using proven and innovative business strategies and tactics delivered via a one-on-one coaching format with the business owner and/or key leaders. Brian Tracy’s experience and international reputation, combined with Brian Tracy’s globally proven coaching content and methodologies, are making FocalPoint a world leader in this growing industry.

We boost the performance of businesses by improving the knowledge and skills of business owners and leaders on a one-on-one, long-term coaching basis. And with all of the coaching materials and curriculum coming exclusively from the world’s renowned business and performance coach Brian Tracy, FocalPoint is set to become the world leader in business performance coaching.

Does my business need a FocalPoint business coach?

FocalPoint ’s clients consist of small to medium sized businesses, those with annual revenues of between $1 million to $20 million. In addition, our coaches also work with self employed professionals, such as physicians, attorneys, real estate brokers and others who want to grow their businesses. In addition, just about anyone in a senior management or leadership position of ANY business could benefit from FocalPoint business coaching!  

A business coach acts as a “Ghost CEO” in many cases. We specialize in and clearly focus on working directly with the owner, developing their business to where they know it can and should be by improving profitability and increasing revenues. We help them grow their business while decreasing the hours spent in it. We help develop systems with the owner so they work ON their business, not just IN their business.

We coach, mentor and educate the owner to achieve both personal and business goals simultaneously. We know through experience that these two must go hand in hand to ensure true business success and satisfaction.  In a nutshell we help them;
  • Make more money
  • Improve Profitability
  • Grow and protect their business
  • Work less hours
  • Develop their team to their ultimate potential
We can do this by helping the business person understand, then work on;
  • Goal clarity
  • Business plans
  • Leadership skills
  • Team development
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Coaching and mentoring
Unprecedented Demand

Never in the history of our economy have business owners needed more help ! According to Dun and Bradstreet, the business failure rate is as high as 63+ percent during the first four years and 91 percent during the first 10 years. The knowledge needed by a business owner to not only stay competitive, but also take his or her business to greater heights, has never been greater. So, that’s where FocalPoint comes in – coaching business owners on proven business concepts, strategies and tactics which are guaranteed to generate a positive return for each client. After all, Dun and Bradstreet attributes eighty-eight percent of all businesses failures to management mistakes – FocalPoint coaches guide business owners, professionals and business leaders through Brian Tracy’s curriculum to help prevent “management mistakes” and enable breakthroughs to the next levels of success!  

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